Lake - a ZikkaZimba & Dark Laugh Production

Director:  Daniel Buckland

Featuring:  Jaques Da Silva & Ryan Dittmann 

Genre: Physical Comedy, Mask, Shadow puppetry



Skillfully crafted by Daniel Buckland. Ryan Dittman, seen in Stranger Things and Othello, and Jaques de Silva, 2011 Impact Award winner seen in The Butcher Brothers, which won the 2010 Standard Bank Ovation Award and 2011 Naledi Award. The two bring to life an epic family adventure. 


In a world, not all together different from our own, live two men. Separated only by a lake, the two are completely unaware of the each other's existence. Till one day, the water disappears and the two are forced to work together to find a way to save the lake and themselves.


With clowning, physical theatre and puppetry, Zikkazimba and Dark Laugh successfully come together again to share a beautiful story of overcoming obstacles and coming together. Fun, funny and heartfelt, Lake will leave you salivating for more

This tale tackles the issue of water scarcity, which is topical in South Africa. “LAKE” explores this issue with a positive spin that highlights solutions as opposed to problems.




Mouche - a ZikkaZimba & Anna Tempt Production


Director:  Laine Cole

Featuring:  Tim Redpath 

Genre: Puppetry/Magic Realism

Based on Paul Galico’s Love of Seven Dolls. A one-man show with a girl who isn't there. A story of love, hate and suicidal puppets.

We follow the lonely, innocent girl, Mouche, into the world of Captain Coq’s Traveling Family. The Captain, puppeteer Michel Peyrot, whose sad life has left him dark, cruel and silent; his heart only evident through the puppets on his hands. A love story with a bit of life, death and art woven together in a charming French setting.

 “Redpath is once again able to capture an entire story on his own with careful dialogue and deft physicality. Mouche is both sad and optimistic and laced with magic that will captivate you the whole way through.” – Emma Nicholson, The Argus Tonight.

Adapting The Love of Seven Dolls novella into a theatre production had been a life-long dream for Laine Redpath Cole. In 2007 she teamed up with brothers, Tim, Nath and Julian and some friends to bring her vision to life. In 2008 Rob Van Vuuren added his directing magic to the mix. Mouche is a play made with love and a great deal of care that “restores one’s faith and inspires you.” – Simon Cooper, K.B.T.

Stranger Things - a ZikkaZimba & Dark Laugh Production

Director:  Jaques de Silva

Featuring: Ryan Dittmann 

Genre: Physical Comedy



Stranger Things” is a one-man show that revolves around Bronwyn, a restaurateur, who is struggling to keep up with the mayhem of his restaurant and it all comes a head on a particularly busy night. A pedantic German chef, a half-deaf barman, a drunken waiter and a hostess who would rather sexually harass her colleagues than do her actual work, are some of the wacky characters that bring the drama of the restaurant to life. Everybody and every setting is perfect for this quirky comedy where things keep getting stranger.

“Pure fun, a physical theatre and miming delight.” (Artslink 2014) A one-man show that revolves around a restaurateur, who is struggling to contend with the pandemonium of his restaurant. A pedantic German chef, a half-deaf barman, & a drunken waiter are some of the peculiar characters that will unravel in this one-hander! ‘In this quirky comedy Dittmann effortlessly & seamlessly transforms from character to character…’ (Cue 2014).


FIREHOUSE - a ZikkaZimba & Hijinks Production


The only title in our democracy superior to that of President is the title of citizen.” (Loius Brandeis). "FireHouse" tells the collected stories of some of the bravest civil servants working in Johannesburg, set against the backdrop of a political landscape on fire. This piece is an offering and a social x-ray of the stories that form part of a broader understanding of our shared and collective experience as South Africans living in cities.

The play is directed by Kirsten Harris and performed by Kaygee Letsholonyana, Ryan Dittmann and Tebogo Machaba. It was received exceptionally well in Grahamstown, school audiences really connected to the piece. 


Director:   Kirsten Harris

Featuring:  Tebogo Machaba, Kaygee Letsholonyana & Ryan Dittman  

Genre: Physical Comedy, Drama

Taking Flight - a ZikkaZimba & Hijinks Theatre Production

Director:  Kirsten Harris

Featuring: Ryan Dittmann, Kaygee Letsholonyana, Tebogo Machaba

Ameera Patel &  Jaques de Silver  

Genre: Children's Theatre/Physical Comedy