going solo ameera.png


Director: Kirsten Harris

Featuring: Ameera Patel, Jaques de Silva and Ryan Dittmann

Design: Natasha Brown, Jade Bowers Design and Management

Lighting design: Barry Strydom

Production Assistant: Jake Nathane

A ZikkaZimba & Hijinks Theatre Production


Place your seats in an upright position, ensure that your seatbelts are fastened and allow your imaginations to take flight… again! Little Sophia lives in South Africa, she is an avid reader and an enthusiastic explorer. Sophia is about to board an old Tiger Moth biplane with Roald Dahl. Fly with her on this phizz-whizzing adventure as she as she ‘loop di loops’ through Dahl’s brain, from memory to fantasy, finding new ways to tell old stories. Join her as she maneuvers her way into Dahl’s brain and together, they reimagine what it means to fly solo. You’ll swoop across the skies, circumnavigating parts of the globe with Sophia and Dahl on this special journey. We are set to visit the most magical places and see the most astounding things as we woosh, whiz, zip and zoom on to our next adventure… Flying Solo.


From the creators of Taking Flight, ZikkaZimba Productions and Hijinks Theatre are teaming up with Jade Bowers Design and Management to present our latest gloriumptious offering, Flying Solo. This is the second installment of our Dahl trilogy for young audiences.


For decades Roald Dahl has gripped the imaginations of children and trogadults around the globe. We’re reimagining some of his propsposterous and scrumdidlyumptious stories from Sophia’s perspective for young contemporary South African audiences.