• Theatre Making 101

  • Improv 101

  • An introduction to Physical Theatre

  • The Clown: Jaques le Coq & Dario Fo

  • Stage Combat 

  • Storytelling 

  • Creating characters for the stage

  • Working with Shakespeare

  • Commedia dell'arte: A practical exploration

  • Voice work 

  • Grotowski's Poor Theatre

  • South African Theatre: A Practical Introduction to Woza Albert

  • Epic Theatre & Brecht: A practical Application of knowledge

  • Scene work: From page to stage

*We also design workshops based on your specific curriculum needs. 

  • An introduction to 20th century 'isms'

  • Fugard: An introduction

  • Athol Fugard's Victory 

  • Contextualising Brecht's relevance in Contemporary South African Theatre 

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