A ZikkaZimba & Dark Laugh Production



Skillfully crafted by Daniel Buckland. Ryan Dittman, seen in Stranger Things and Othello, and Jaques de Silva, 2011 Impact Award winner seen in The Butcher Brothers, which won the 2010 Standard Bank Ovation Award and 2011 Naledi Award. The two bring to life an epic family adventure. 


In a world, not all together different from our own, live two men. Separated only by a lake, the two are completely unaware of the each other's existence. Till one day, the water disappears and the two are forced to work together to find a way to save the lake and themselves.


With clowning, physical theatre and puppetry, Zikkazimba and Dark Laugh successfully come together again to share a beautiful story of overcoming obstacles and coming together. Fun, funny and heartfelt, Lake will leave you salivating for more

This tale tackles the issue of water scarcity, which is topical in South Africa. “LAKE” explores this issue with a positive spin that highlights solutions as opposed to problems.



lake 1.png





Director:  Daniel Buckland

Featuring:  Jaques Da Silva & Ryan Dittmann 

Genre: Physical Comedy, Mask, Shadow puppetry