A ZikkaZimba & Anna Tempt Production

Director:  Laine Cole

Featuring:  Tim Redpath 

Genre: Puppetry/Magic Realism

Based on Paul Galico’s Love of Seven Dolls. A one-man show with a girl who isn't there. A story of love, hate and suicidal puppets.

We follow the lonely, innocent girl, Mouche, into the world of Captain Coq’s Traveling Family. The Captain, puppeteer Michel Peyrot, whose sad life has left him dark, cruel and silent; his heart only evident through the puppets on his hands. A love story with a bit of life, death and art woven together in a charming French setting.

 “Redpath is once again able to capture an entire story on his own with careful dialogue and deft physicality. Mouche is both sad and optimistic and laced with magic that will captivate you the whole way through.”

(Emma Nicholson, The Argus Tonight)

"Adapting The Love of Seven Dolls novella into a theatre production had been a life-long dream for Laine Redpath Cole. In 2007 she teamed up with brothers, Tim, Nath and Julian and some friends to bring her vision to life. In 2008 Rob Van Vuuren added his directing magic to the mix. Mouche is a play made with love and a great deal of care that “restores one’s faith and inspires you.”

(Simon Cooper, K.B.T.)